I am a political scientist currently working as the Project Manager of Argentina's Fundación Libertad. I am also a podcaster and I regularly publish op-eds in local and international outlets. This is where I share my latest articles as well as other projects.

Here is some background information: I received my BA in Political Science from Universidad Torcuato di Tella in 2017 and my MA in the Social Sciences from the University of Chicago in 2020. Before joining FL, I worked at McKinsey & Company, the state government of Buenos Aires, the Deutscher Bundestag, and several Argentine and American universities.

In the work that I do, my main interest is the development and improvement of arguments to defend and promote individual liberty.

Selected Articles and Interviews in US Media

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26/1/24: "Milei vs. WEF: Who Wins?", interview for Reason TV.

12/26/23: "Argentina's Offensive Against Crony Capitalism", column for the Liberty Fund's Econlib.

11/30/23: "Prepare for a Bumpy Transition in Argentina", column for National Review.

9/8/23: "Argentina's Liberalization'", column for the Online Library of Liberty.

8/14/23: "A Self-Described Anarcho-Capitalist Won a Plurality in Argentina's Presidential Primary," column for Reason.

7/26/23: "The Political Left Loses Strength in Argentina'", column for Real Clear World.

5/17/23: "Una lengua para la libertad", column for El Cato.

5/5/23: "Can Dollarization Fix Argentina's Problems?", column for the Foundation for Economic Education.

12/13/22: "Argentina's Disordered Liberty", column for Law and Liberty.

10/3/22: "Argentina necesita abrazar la libertad económica", column for The Washington Post.

9/3/22: "A Warning on Inflation from Argentina," column for the Mises Institute.