I am a political scientist and an essayist currently working as the Project Manager of Argentina's Fundación Libertad. I am also a podcaster and I regularly publish op-eds in local and international outlets. This is where I share my latest articles as well as other projects.

My main interest is the development and improvement of arguments to defend and promote individual liberty.

Selected Articles and Interviews in US Media

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4/9/24: "Milei's Message to the World", column for the Liberty Fund's Econlib.

1/26/24: "Milei vs. WEF: Who Wins?", interview for Reason TV.

11/30/23: "Prepare for a Bumpy Transition in Argentina", column for National Review.

9/8/23: "Argentina's Liberalization'", column for the Online Library of Liberty.

8/14/23: "A Self-Described Anarcho-Capitalist Won a Plurality in Argentina's Presidential Primary," column for Reason.

7/26/23: "The Political Left Loses Strength in Argentina'", column for Real Clear World.

5/17/23: "Una lengua para la libertad", column for El Cato.

5/5/23: "Can Dollarization Fix Argentina's Problems?", column for the Foundation for Economic Education.

12/13/22: "Argentina's Disordered Liberty", column for Law and Liberty.

10/3/22: "Argentina necesita abrazar la libertad económica", column for The Washington Post.

9/3/22: "A Warning on Inflation from Argentina," column for the Mises Institute.