Articles and Media Appearances for US-Based Outlets

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26/1/24: Reason TV: "Milei vs. WEF: Who Wins?"


12/26/2023 - EconLog (Liberty Fund): "Argentina's Offensive Against Crony Capitalism".

12/11/2023 - EconLog (Liberty Fund): "The Cultural Significance of Milei's Inauguration".

11/30/2023 - National Review: "Prepare for a Bumpy Transition in Argentina".

10/27/2023 - National Review: "Argentina: Toward an Economically Chaotic Run-Off".

10/26/2023 - Reason TV: "Can Milei Still Win in Argentina?".

9/8/2023 - EconLog (Liberty Fund): "Argentina's Liberalization".

8/16/2023 - National Review: "Argentina's (Unexpected) Libertarian Moment".

8/14/2023 - Reason: "A Self-Described Anarcho-Capitalist Wins Argentina's Presidential Primary".

7/26/2023 - Real Clear World: "The Political Left Loses Strength in Argentina".

7/18/2023 - Liberty Fund's Reading Room: "Bruno Leoni and the (Still Ongoing) 'Semantic Revolution Against Liberty'".

5/17/2023 - El Cato: "Una lengua para la libertad".

5/8/2023 - Liberty Fund's Econlog: "Help Argentina - End the IMF".

5/5/2023 - Foundation for Economic Education: "Can Dollarizaton Fix Argentina's Problems?"

4/10/2023 - National Review: "Argentina Shouldn't Expect a Dead Cow Bounce".

2/10/2023 - National Review: "Why a Common Currency for Argentina and Brazil is a Bad Idea".

2/13/2023 - Liberty Fund's EconLog: "Argentina's Comeback?".


12/27/2022 - Liberty Fund's Reading Room: "Why Read Borges?".

12/13/2022 - Liberty Fund's Law and Liberty: "Argentina's Disordered Liberty".

10/3/2022 - The Washington Post - "Argentina necesita abrazar la libertad económica".

9/11/2022 - Liberty Fund's EconLog: "Free Marketeers, 'Extremism' and an Uneven Playing Field in Latin America".

9/9/2022 - Reason: "Orwell Meets Argentina".

9/3/2022 - Mises Wire: "A Warning on Inflation from Argentina".